Our filter engineering experience results in an extensive range of bagfilters which are based on tried and trusted design principles. These products combined with our ability to customise filter designs allow any individual filtration application to be approached head on and bespoke filters and systems can be developed with the customer.

From basic venting units and dust control systems through to product collectors, process filters and clean in place (CIP) technology, we have the ability to meets the demands of all industry sectors.

Pennaire filters can be designed and manufactured to pressure vessel codes if required and can be manufactured in a full range of materials from aluminium, through mild steel, stainless steel and onto special alloys including Hastalloy.

Silo Filtration, Reverse Jet Bagfilters , Cartridge Filters, HEPA Filters High Pressure & Vacuum Filters (HPF), Pharmaceutical Clean-in-Place.

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Pennaire Filtration have supplied a varied and wide range of filtration products and services which offer filtration solutions to the following principle industries:

  • Minerals - Cement, Carbon Black, Lime.
  • Chemical Processing - Drying, Milling, Calciners.
  • Food Processing – Chocolate, Flour, Sugar.
  • Pharmaceutical Metals – Aluminium, Foundry, Recycling


All Pennaire filters are fabricated in UK and meet all the current ATEX and PED requirements.

The Filter or collector requirements from initial contact with the client are specifically selected and designed by our experienced technical sales team with input from the contracts department so to fully meet the clients requirements and expectations. Although the principles remain the same for filter selection, great emphasis is based on client contact and communication from start to finish so that the equipment offered is tailored to the clients requirements and not to our standard product range as is so with many filter suppliers.

Pennaire technical sales and contracts engineers are all process driven, and from understanding the clients requirements can in many cases help with ascertaining the correct specification requirements and so ultimately offering the best possible solution.

Pennaire filters are assessed for requirements of the intended application. The engineers evaluate the requirements of the process with regards to the following, although this is not exhaustive:

  • ATEX Regulation requirements for all electrical items
  • ATEX Regulations in relation to explosion relief requirements. Pennaire can evaluate and calculate explosion relief areas for supplied vessels
  • PED Regulations for any applicable items  such as the reverse pulse header tank but also including the filter itself
  • CE Marking and EC Certificate of Incorporation where applicable
  • PD5500 Design and Manufacture where required
  • ASME Design and Manufacture where required
  • PSR or Pressure Shock Resistant vessel design

Reverse Jet Bag Filters

Pennaire offer a range of square, rectangular and cylindrical reverse jet bagfilters, manufactured in various grades of mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium. These are designed specifically for each application based on a standard design criteria from years of expertise in filtration at Pennaire.

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With years of experience at Pennaire, and an open mind to solving the clients specific problem, Pennaire is renowned for its individually tailored filters. For sure if we have a simple “off the shelf” filter that is acceptable for the application, this will be used. The component parts on all Pennaire filters are always interchangeable from standard designs to bespoke. This individual design philosophy of Pennaire gives the client a far greater chance of engineering a solution to a problem he may have fitting a filter into his required site surroundings.

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Pennaire offer a range of Reverse Jet Cleaning bagfilters to suit individual applications. Where appropriate and site permitting the filters are predominantly offered as clean side bag removal where the operators remove the filter bags from the clean side of the filter thus eliminating the need for the bag changing engineer to go into the bagfilter on the dirty side for bag changes. However, if the headroom that is required for this design is not available, then either a dirty side bagfilter or even a horizontally mounted bagfilter can be offered.

The preferred clean side bag removal can be supplied as a top removal low version (TRL) where the top of the filter called the plenum is low and has removable doors. The engineer steps into the small clean air plenum to remove the bags but is still predominantly outside of the filter thus eliminating the confined space training requirements and associated precautions. These can be supplied for indoor or outdoor use and are designed accordingly. The alternative clean side design is known as our top removal high version (TRH), which has the same bag removal process but the plenum is extended up high and the bag change engineer enters the clean side plenum section through an access door or doors. These are preferred and have benefits over TRL filters when the filter is located outdoors. However, confined space training and certification is required for bagchanges for this option. Pennaire have fully trained personnel for confined space bagchanges. Please contact our offices if this is of interest.

Silo Filtration

Pennaire Silo Vent Filters - An economical range of insert-able filters are available. Designed and developed for use in a wide range of nuisance dust venting applications such as receiving silos, conveyor transfer points, mixers, blenders and elevators. They can be mounted directly (insert-able) or in a simple stand-up housing (flange mounted) to suit the silo flange port. Various additional features are available such as fans, pressure relief valves and “clean-on-demand” filter differential activated timers.

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Simple, Clean and Safe - The only moving parts are the diaphragm and the solenoid valves, both easily accessible, making the reverse jet cleaning the very essence of simplicity. Bag changing is from the clean side which means quick, clean and safe change-outs for the operators. Filter media is carefully selected to suit the duty. Many powders especially in the food and chemical industry are potentially explosive so anti-static filter media is fitted as standard to comply with current ATEX legislation.Silo Filter 1.bmp  Silo Filter 2.bmp

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Silo Conversions and Upgrades - Our experienced design engineers can survey your equipment and recommend an appropriate course of action. This can be from a simple bag change on an existing filter, through the supply of new filters and accessories to a full rebuild or conversion updating your silos to comply with current safety regulations.

Explosion Relief Systems - We can convert existing silo designs to incorporate new explosion venting systems.DSCF4293.JPG

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Cartridge Filters

In certain circumstances, cartridge filters are the most economical way forward to solving a dust control, product collection or nuisance venting problem.

Where these are considered the best application, Pennaire can offer a wide range of cartridge filter designs to solve the clients requirements. Whether the requirement be for retro-fitting fabric media with cartridge media, thus increasing the filter cloth area, or supplying and fitting a totally new filter system, Pennaire have the range and expertise to fulfil these requirements.

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Although the standard range of cartridge filters are based on the reverse jet filter range, as with the bagfilters that Pennaire supply, each application is dealt with individually and the filter requirement based on sound proven expertise. In some cases where standard arrangements and design do not meet the clients requirements, Pennaire can tailor the filter design specifically to suit the site requirements so producing a bespoke filter.


All of the cartridge filter range are reverse pulsed cleaned and can be clean side or product side element removal. They can be supplied with additional items such as fan sets and rotary valves if required and can be supplied with explosion vents, suppression or containment.   

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HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) are used either as stand alone when the dust loading is very low, or preferably on the exhaust side of a bagfilter, cartridge filter or cyclone where the gas stream has already been filtered. They can be used as an inlet or outlet guard filter.

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The HEPA element can be single stage or multi-staged design so that the correct collection efficiency at each stage is achieved. The materials of construction range from aluminium through to mild steel and stainless steel. They can also be supplied with a safe change option which reduces operator exposure when the HEPA elements are being replaced.

The range of HEPA elements are vast and are selected by Pennaire to suit the application. The efficiencies range from a roughing pre-filter (G3-G5) to a high efficiency filter (H10-H14), or a combination of both in multi-stage arrangements.

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For a full range of spares, or if you require a HEPA filter to be selected and supplied with casing or panel only, call the Pennaire Technical Sales Team for further information.

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Pharmaceutical CIP Filters

The Clean-In-Place (CIP) - Filter has evolved over the past 25 years primarily to service the pharmaceutical industry. All CIP filters are designed for each individual application with detailed considerations given to the clients specific problems.

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Pennaire Filtration work closely with our clients from original concept with our technical sales department, through to installation and commissioning with our experienced projects team.

Pennaire’s continuous development takes the CIP filter design forward with every project that is placed. Requirements for every application differ enormously from previous orders, with new design criteria’s and client specific designs needed for each. Pennaire do not have limitations or preconceptions on what is achievable from the onset of a project, and together with our clients input explore every avenue available to solve all of the process problems. This inevitably drives the boundaries of the CIP filter even further with every contract.

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Clean-in-Place Applications

The Pennaire Clean-in-Place (CIP) filter has been developed primarily for the pharmaceutical industry. However there are many other industries which now benefit from the unique design and technical specifications of CIP. Other industries include Chemical and Food. This unique design also has distinct advantages in the following applications:

  • Product Collection
  • Process Venting
  • High Temperature. (650 C)
  • Vacuum Drying
  • High Pressure or Vacuum

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High Pressure & Vacuum Bagfilters (HPF)

Complimentary to the standard filter range, Pennaire also supply process filtration and material collection filters for high pressure and vacuum systems. Designed to the clients site standards and any relevant code requirements such as PED, ASME, BS5500 or AD Merk Etc.

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Full certification and third party inspection requirements catered for to meet the clients relevant standards. All coded vessels are supplied with a full set of manufacturing documentation.

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Multi-Chamber Reverse Jet Bagfilter

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